Iguana Boogie

From the porch of my new home in a rickety chair I look upon an enchanted view. A garden of rubbery plants and palm trees swaying in a flower scented breeze. The swimming pool is surrounded with white marble, and behind it a path of coral leads to a short wall, the beach and the ocean. Slim speedy geckos zip
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Zdravo Marko

For ages now I have wanted to learn Serbian. Strike that, I have wanted to speak Serbian. The 'learning' part has been the obstacle. I intend to visit the country but first I want to learn the lingo. I had hoped something easy would present itself, perhaps I might meet a Serb who could teach me. But
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ACCORDING TO THE TUTORIAL  I downloaded, here’s how to learn a foreign language: a) Learn how to say “hi”and “goodbye” b) Learn how to say “what?” c) Don’t be afraid of looking ridiculous zp8497586rq