Jasmine & Co.

  A year later he calmed down and was over with the rampage, his midlife crisis as he now referred to it. Later he would reflect upon those months and the women he had emotionally clawed as harshly as he could, avenging the demolition to his ego after the end of his marriage. When he thought about that
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Dead Man Rolling

The lives and deaths of writers are often as ugly as they. Readers clamor to know more, they want everything revealed. When that could only spoil the mystery. Tour buses in Key West bellow out the names of the bars they pass, informing tourists ‘this was Hemingway’s favorite place to drink in
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Until Death

She’d fallen in love many times before, each real, meaning she’s fickle, meanwhile he had never had a girlfriend, meaning he’s emotionally undeveloped. Coupl’a lightweights. They were insanely attracted to each other. They played at home, tried on outfits and posed before mirrors and s
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Mia Borders Better Than Ever

I’m playing Mia Borders, her new album Fever Dreams, thankfully available on iTunes, and properly recorded. One thing I’ll say for Ms Mia is she does a good recording. She’s a pro and by the way she does most everything herself. Mia composes the music and writes the lyrics and she has some sig
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Sunday Story: Lilly

    Lilly was a girl who found her tribe was nature itself. She wasn’t a hippy but she had a way of communicating and thriving on a, shall we say a floral level, more than the most of us. In any big city she would pause extra long passing by a flower shop. She’d say, ‘I’
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Sunday Story: No More Vampires

              Exposé! I don’t have to think about vampires ever again. They were never my cuppa. When I learned they were from Serbia, not Transylvania as has been erroneously promoted, I figured I should own them. A real Serb demystified the lore. The myth of the vampir
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Troubled Boy

Years ago I had some trouble with a boy. I was ten years old and he was fourteen, and he had a crush on me. We were in a co-ed boarding school on the south coast of England, a bleak spot beloved by the locals for its white chalk cliffs and creepy foggy heaths. I hated it. I spent a good deal of time being bad
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Audio: LOOK UP