He Should Not

Cross-legged he sat on a mound of moss beside the ravine when a glinting bottle bobbed along. A bottle he recognized as the finest of local whiskeys. A favorite, and he hooked it with his walking stick. Turned out within it, downed galleon, was a letter, protected from the water with a cork from County Cork,
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There was a tremendous noise as the patio doors blew open, and you blasted into your host’s den. Casually you strode through, except you were not alone. In bed, napping on that hot afternoon the tiger stirred and sat up and glared, wide-eyed blinking and evidently seething. You both stared, shocked, bewildere
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The island feels lighter now that you’re gone. Lighter, brighter and better without you. Hopefully forever but doubtful. I know you cannot stay away. You blew on out with your new girl and your old bad habits. You have her believing things will be different, now that all is new. You’ve both agreed to d
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Boys and Toys

“I gotcha!” he thought, watching her figuring she was older than he. Since turning twenty he’d enjoyed a decade of women vying for his attention. He was habituated to pockets filled with phone numbers. She dawdled along alone preoccupied and when he ‘bumped’ into her, she said,
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Florida’s Finest

I needed to drive my car somewhere to do something. Except I could not find my car. It was not where I had left it up which was parked out front of my house. It was gone. I moseyed down the street. I took longer walks around even farther blocks pressing the panic button on my keychain. I came home in a sta
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Mountain Dogs

Vuk, a man with a background no two villagers could agree on, ran the cafe in the small mountain town. Vuk, which in Serbian means wolf, was from the Balkans, the forested area, picking plums in the summer, and clearing brandy glasses from the scuffed wooden tables of the town cafe in the wintertime. He was often t
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The tarantula stretched lustrous hairy legs and made its way down the boulder. It was that time of day. Meantime, in his favorite customized automobile, the man from the hill was ripping across his land. He purchased this terrain a score of years ago yet still the townsfolk murmured. He knew they asked after him
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        Jack Wolf sucks.             A short story, by Ox